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How to File a Complaint

Without exception, everyone makes mistakes. But when a funeral home is involved, a family's emotions run especially high. It's because of this added emotional component that we offer these suggestions about compliant resolution.

In general terms, if you think you have a legitimate grievance with the funeral home in question, we start by advising that you document everything. Ask all those family members involved in the potential dispute to record the details of the event, as much as they can remember. Get it all down on paper. Be sure to include the date of each entry and infraction, write down the names of all involved, and be sure to keep a log of all related phone conversations.


What is a Valid Complaint?

Just because you didn’t like the color of the funeral director’s tie, or found out there was another service being held at the same time–in the visitation room next to yours–there’s no cause for formal complaint. The following four reasons are considered to be grounds for filing a complaint with the funeral home, state governing board, Better Business Bureau or the Federal Trade Commission:

•    Unexpected or unreasonable costs
•    Unethical or unprofessional conduct
•    Negligence
•    Breach of contract


Always Begin with the Funeral Home

As a small business owner in your community, the funeral home owners and operators merit the courtesy of going to them first with your concerns. When you submit your complaint to them, in writing, it’s important to also state exactly what form of restitution you desire; whether you want a refund or reduction of the charges involved or simply a public letter of apology; state your desired outcome clearly. Send your letter registered mail, and allow the funeral firm in question sufficient time to respond to your complaint before moving on to the next level of involvement.


Next Stop, the Wyoming Funeral Directors Association

If you’re not satisfied with the funeral home response, and the firm is a member of our association, we ask that you file a formal complaint directly with us. Download a complaint form, complete it to the best of your ability, attach all relevant documentation, and mail it to us. Again, use registered mail. We have a rigorous compliant resolution process which involves the combined efforts of our Executive Director,
and if needed, the Attorney General.


The State Board of Funeral Service and the FTC

Our state has a funeral board that regulates the activities of licensed funeral directors and embalmers working here. When filing your complaint with the Wyoming Funeral Directors Association you should also send it, along with all supporting paperwork, to this agency:

Wyoming Board of Funeral Service Practitioners
Emerson Building, Room 104
2001 Capitol Avenue 
Cheyenne, WY 82002

In addition, if your complaint involves a violation of the Funeral Rule, then you should also send a copy to the Federal Trade Commission. However, you should know that they will not act on your individual complaint. Instead, they wait for a pattern of violations to emerge before getting involved. By submitting your complaint, you are simply alerting them to the situation. Instead, they wait for a pattern of violations to emerge before getting involved.

Federal Trade Commission
600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20580.


We’re Here to Support You

None of us at the Wyoming Funeral Directors Association wishes to hear about the negligence or unethical behavior of one of our own; yet we promise to take your complaint very seriously. If you have questions about the process of filing a complaint with a funeral home, the Wyoming Funeral Directors Association, the State Board of Funeral Service or the Federal Trade Commission, pick up the phone and call us at 307-527-4430.

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